Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall "Phyto" Foods

Fall "Phyto" Foods

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This Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a food fiasco, filled with heavy or fat-filled options. Feature fall foods for your Thanksgiving meal that really pack a nutritional punch.

Phyto-Friendly Foods and Tips:

 Fall is a great time to enjoy traditional foods that are so associated with colder weather, warmth and comfort and the upcoming holidays.
 Luckily many of these foods are also nutrition powerhouses, packed with nutrients to keep you healthy and strengthen you immune system
 Choose foods that are phyto-friendly. These are foods that contain important phytochemicals, antioxidants, and fiber, plus many other nutrients.
These same foods are budget-friendly, too. Each is in-season and can be easily obtained.
 Pumpkins - contain phytochemicals, carotenoids, such as beta-carotene; excellent source of Vitamin A, good source of Vitamin C
 Walnuts -Omega 3s (a beneficial fat), phytochemicals and Vitamin E
 Apples - contain phytochemicals, including flavonols, excellent source of fiber
 California Raisins - contain phytochemicals, potassium and antioxidants, along with fiber and inulin, which promote a healthy heart and digestive system
 Cranberries - contain many phytochemicals and antioxidants that may help to prevent diseases including cancer and heart disease, along with slowing the aging process. Harvard study shows can help prevent urinary tract infections
 Brussels sprouts - a cruciferous vegetable, along with broccoli and mustard greens that contains Sulphoraphane. Stimulates the body to produce its own protective enzymes, and neutralizes free radicals.

Take these phyto-friendly foods and create something unique and delicious this Thanksgiving by trying these recipes:

 Pumpkin Tamales filled with shredded beef and raisins (pumpkin, raisins): Substitute shredded turkey for shredded beef, which gives you a delicious way to use your leftover turkey!

 California Waldorf Salad (apples, raisins, walnuts): plus low in calories and high in fiber

 Cranberry Orange Sauce (Cranberries, oranges plus skin)

 Golden Crusted Brussels sprouts (Brussels sprouts, olive oil)

 Raisin Pumpkin Cake (raisins, walnuts, pumpkin): This is so easy because you start with a yellow cake mix; add raisins, nuts and spices. Get non-guilty pleasure from a delicious dessert.


Recipes for the Pumpkin Tamales, California Waldorf Salad and Raisin Pumpkin Cake can be found on www.loveyourraisins.com

For Cranberry orange sauce and Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts, click on "Recipes" at www.maryleechin.com